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Hi there, I’m @u2gd_bot

I am a @u2gd_bot telegram bot and I help you to automate your process.

Link of @u2gd_bot telegram bot : https://t.me/u2gd_bot

P.S We have tested all the bot, All bot help is working totally fine and according to their name.

What is a Telegram bot?


Telegram bot is same as Facebook messenger bot or any other bot it will automate the task, whenever the user clicks on that bot and click on start button they will receive the automatic message and it can do whatever the bot is program it to do so it is a very amazing way to increase your audience and Bell connection with them it is used by various companies to build a strong connection between their user and brand.

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How to join Telegram bot?

How to join Telegram bot it’s simple you just need to know the name of Telegram Bot if you want to join, just know the name and then type that name in your message or send a DM to anybody with @ symbol 

Name must be the actual name, followed by Bot like if the name is shodkk to join bot you just type shodkk which is the main name and bot which should be added after; as a prefix to recognize Telegram as you are calling to a bot and then send it, Click on that.

And now you see interface like messaging to a person as simple as that but at the place of sending a message or the Dropbox you see a start button which you have to click and after clicking on that button you started that bot 

It will show you information like

what is that what will show you the hello message or for what its program for, there are a lot of functions that you can assign to a bot and that will perform accordingly you can check all function by typing / key.

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How to use Telegram bot?

How to use Telegram bot so Bot is generally used for marketing purpose to register you or to do some specific task.

so you need to know about the bot and the functionalities and this is very simple you can know it by clicking the slide button the bot interface shows you all the functions that bot are capable of doing

so it is easy to you to understand what task bot can able to perform and this helps us in getting the result that we want from it.

So this is how we can use any bot for our sake

Advantage of Telegram bot

Talking about the advantage there are a lot of advantage of using Telegram but it makes a lot of task easy by automating the process and according to the use there are a lot of advantage of Bot

Different Bot have different functionalities and there are a lot of bots,

 some are where you can download YouTube videos so this is also an advantage of the bot,

One-bot that can convert any language text into another language, 

One what helps you to find free udemy courses so the advantage is relatable or according to the bot name 

But the main advantage or you can say the actual advantages that this will automate the task and so this will save a lot of our time and lot of our efforts this is the main advantage of using Telegram bot and with the increasing use of Telegram people are creating a bot for everything so a lot of things are getting automated and this will help all the user with the creator for marketing, branding, booking 

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Rule to use Telegram bot

For real, there is no rule of using Telegram bot but you need to keep some key point in your mind while using the bot

The various bot is set according to the time usage, so to use a bot for the second time you need to wait for a specific time interval, for some bot you need the interval of 2 minutes once you use the bot you need to wait for a minute or two for using the what again.

Category of Telegram bot

Different categories of bot available on Telegram as project need to automate a lot of things almost everyone is creating a bot and with dozens of developer and dozens of languages available for developing what there are various categories of the bot and various types, various functionalities of bot available to use some are free but to use someone need pay,

 For advanced functionalities, you need to pay first, and then you can use that bot.

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Types of boat types of bot

  • What for education purpose 
  • quotes Bot
  • Bot for restaurant booking 
  • Bot for ticket booking 
  • Bot for free udemy course 
  • Bot for television 
  • Bot for movies

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How to create your Telegram bot?

Creating Telegram bot is as simple as it seems to be you just need to go on your Telegram or Telegram bot father this is the godfather or time bot which helps us to create a child born for which we can save our bot.

Follow the step to create your own Telegram bot 

  1. Go to telegram
  2. Open search, Search for Godfather after that start that Godfather bot
  3. Click new bot, just need to give some name to that what after giving name visit in that what name with actual prefix bot which helps Telegram to recognize this as a bot
  4. When someone searches for your bot then Telegram search if the same name is available for bot or not 
  5. you can give any name to your Bot but the name of your Telegram bot need to be unique like a user ID so that anyone can easily recognize your bot 
  6. if anyone asks for your name or you are what name after that you get one ID which is called a secret ID which you need to put a voice recording your bot automatic various task

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Language in which Telegram bot is available for development

For coding your Telegram bot there is Telegram API available in various languages in Java, C plus plus, PHP, whatever language you need, you can choose and start putting your bot usually Telegram bot is coded in Python as there are a lot of libraries and a big community is available for your help if you get stuck in between, you get the helping hands from dozens of people, So start coding your bot in Python with telegram-bot libraries.

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